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Google Adwords is an online advertisement platform to promote your business and services on Google Search Engine & Partner website. Google Adwords is one of the most advanced and complex ads platform and only highly experienced & professionals can manage it better.

Working Model: Its Works on Pay Per Click or PPC Model.Google Adwords Services will help you to get found by your target or potential customers at the time when they are looking for products or services you offering on google. You just have to pay when they click to contact you or visit your websites.No Click No Cost.

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search campaign:Search Campaigns ads are available in Google Adwords, Bing, yahoo ads. These are highly converting ads as we target user intents. Show multiple informations in ads to get highly relevant users on your site.
Display Campaigns:Display campaign are equally good for leads generation, sales and branding. Ads can be shown to wide audience list and audience can be targeted with demographics, interest, topics they are viewing etc.
Youtube Video Ads:Youtube is second largest search engine after google where millions of people view videos. You can promote your videos in any youtube video & also show banners.
Shopping Ads:For retailers, these ads are very populars. These ads contain image, prices and name of products. Highly converting. Supported on Google, bing, facebook.
Re-Marketing:A type of ads where you can show targeted ads (text, banners) to your website previews visitors. It's very effective in getting repeated customers/visitors and brandings.
Mobile Ads:Over the time, no. of mobile users has increased tremendously and they spent more time on mobiles than other media. It provide advertiser huge opportunity to sell their products and services. Most common ex. is play store.

How Akrolix Innovations Do Pay Per Click Advertising?

Akrolix Innovation believes in Quality that’s why we deliver our customer only quality leads through proper campaign optimization.

  • PPC Account Manager Dedicated to Your Account
  • Competitive, Industry, and Keyword Research
  • Keyword Bid Management
  • Negative Keywords Monitoring and Filtering
  • Ad Extensions Optimization
  • Dynamic Ads Creation to Target Customers
  • A/B Ads Split-Testing
  • Ad Extension Management
  • Custom Targeting to Potential Customers
  • Advanced Targeting

When we comprehend your advertising objectives, survey your business, and examinations your industry, we can begin by making new Pay-Per-Click crusades for your business or overseeing and advancing your currents Pay-Per-Click battles.

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Does Your AdWords campaign have the following problems?

  • The Budget is increasing all the time but proper response
  • You are paying for 1 position but not getting any results.
  • You budget does not last the whole day.
  • You are a victim of fake or fraud clicks.
  • Your response does not sustain over a period of time
  • You are getting some response but not quite sure how & why?

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